Friday, 22 March 2013

Match Day 10 Coca Cola Cup 2013


Saturday 23 March

  • U12D 8:30 PM St. Laurensia Vs Bina Bangsa United @  Deutsche   International School  BSD
  • U14C 7:30 AM St. Laurensia Vs STB-ACS @ STB-ACS Jakarta Timur
  • U16B 10:00 AM St. Laurenisa Vs Bina Bangsa Kebun Jeruk @ STB-ACS Jakarta Timur

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Match Day 9 Coca Cola Cup 2013


Saturday 16 March

  • U12D 15:00 PM St. Laurensia Vs Victory Plus @  Australian International School  Jalan Pejaten Barat No. 69 Jakarta Selatan

Sunday 17 March
  • U10C 8:30 AM St. Laurensia Vs Jakarta International Korean School (JIKS) @ British Int'l School Bintaro Sektor 9

Please wait for confirmation of transportation, if you are going to the game(s) in your own car please inform Mr. Victor before Saturday.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

JSFL Football for Life T-shirt Fund Raising Campaign

The goal of the Jakarta Schools Football Association (JSFA) through the JSFL’s Coca Cola and Greenfield Leagues have always been giving to the less fortunate youth a chance to participate in the biggest football league in the greater Jakarta area with 60 school, 209 teams and 3500 players they have achieve this by sponsoring teams from state schools, local communities, orphanages and etc … to play and be in the same footing with other children in the city.

This year the Jakarta School Football Association (JSFA) wants to do more by helping not just in sports but in other areas such as the healthcare needs of the less fortunate youth and the homeless children in Jakarta. The “Football for Life” charity campaign is seeking the help of the players involve in the JSFL and as a community play an important role in this noble objective.

Through a T-shirt drive the JSFA/JSFL hopes that the member schools will be able to support the campaign to raise funds for its humanitarian causes for the less fortunate youth of Jakarta. We are appealing for your support and lend a helping hand with this great effort.

We encourage everyone to participate and contribute to the “Football for Life” campaign by buying a set not just for your son or daughter but your family as well. Every Rupiah counts as it helps achieve the campaign’s goals.

For more information about the Football For Life campaign click on the link;

Price is fixed at Rupiah 150,000


For Santa Laurensia orders please drop a comment on this post with the following details; 

  1. Name
  2. Team (of  your son/daughter)
  3. Size(s) of t-shirt please indicate adult or children size 
  4. Quantity of t-shirt you would like to order.  
  5. Contact nos. 

Please forward your payment to Mr. Victor.

Mr. Victor's mobile phone contact no. 08176976664

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Match Day 8 COCA COLA CUP 2013


Saturday 09 March

  • U16B 11:15 St. Laurensia Vs LIF (French International School) @  International Sports Club Indonesia Jl. Ciputat Raya, Ciputat, Jakarta



Saturday 09 March 
  • GIRLS A 11:45 St. Laurensia Vs Jakarta Dragons (Jakarta Int'l School) @ JIS Turf Field
Sunday 10 March
  • U10C 8:00 St. Laurensia Vs Binus Serpong @ Global Jaya Int'l School Bintaro Sektor 9


Since this is a long weekend and some families have vacation plans, please exert effort to inform your coaches, teammates, and Mr. Victor if you will be able to play on these games.

For transportation arrangements; Mr. Victor will confirm through your respective captains if we will be able to provide you with a van for the match, if you have arranged your own team's transports yourselves please let me know before 6:00 pm today.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

JSFL 2013 - Santa Laurensia Tigers performance update

Coca Cola Cup 2013

Under 10 (W-3 D-0 L-3) : The U10's are assured of 3rd Place in Division C with a game left in their schedule. This is quite an achievement for these boys who have showed very good improvement not only in their game & skill but having the GO GO GO FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT attitude.

Under 12 (W-4 D-0 L-0) : The U12's are having a banner year this season in Division D having 4 wins without a loss with  3 games to go, it will be a good run to the finish they just need to maintain this consistency and they could claim the big prize.

Under 14 (W-3 D-2 L-0) : This newly promoted U14 squad was anxious of their chance of duplicating their winning season last year with key members of the team moving up to the U16 they downplayed their chances this year. But as the season goes to the final stages they are now on top of Division B with 2 games at hand their chances topping this division is getting better per game.

Under 16 (W-1 D-0 L-4) : This team's game record does not tell the whole story what this team have achieve this season. Most of their losses came from close 1 - nil games with the team playing only 11 players with no substitutes. While their only win of the season so far came when the team was at full strength, imagine what this team could have achieve if they were playing their full squad every game. Credit goes to the players and coaches but as luck would have it having a borderline team is usually difficult because Junior and Senior High 2nd semester schedules is a bit complicated to work with. 

Girls Division (W-1 D-0 L-3) :  In their first year in the JSFL Girls League the girls showed true grit and maturity despite playing a combination of Grades 8, 9 & 10 players against most schools who are playing Grades 10 & 12. For most of these girls 11 on 11 is way to different from the mini-soccer they were used to but despite all the odds the Santa Laurensia Tigresses fight on.

Greenfield Cup 2013


Under 10 - The U10's still have a chance to make a podium appearance with quarter finals coming up on Sunday March 10 where a victory will bring them a game away to the final day showdown.

Girls Division - The Girls have made headway in the Greenfields Cup as they fight it out in the quarter finals the goal is to win 1 game at a time, I hope the long weekend does not affect the team's attendance in this critical fixture as the young tigresses get their chance to advance.