Friday, 26 April 2013

SPH CUP 2012 - 2013 Primary School Soccer Tournament

SD Soccer Team
Grade 1 and Grade 2

Students from the Primary School will gain much needed tournament experience when they participate in the SPH Cup Soccer Tournament this Saturday (27 April) 8:00 - 11:00 am. at the SPH Campus Lippo Village Karawaci.


Take note of the following;

  1. Please be at the venue by 7:30 am if you choose to bring your own car. 
  2. If you will join the school van it will leave the school at 6:30 am. All games will start at 8:00 am.
  3. Please bring your own drinking bottle and a change of clothes.
  4. Apply sunblock to protect your skin from UV rays of the sun.
  5. If possible use shin guards/pads (deker) and long socks for protection from accidental kicks to the shin bone.
  6. Sleep early and Eat breakfast before you go to the game.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Jakarta Activities & Athletic Conference (JAAC) Juniors Volleyball Tournament

JAAC Juniors Volleyball Tournament 2012 - 2013
Venue: Jakarta International School's New Gym
Time: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Santa Laurensia Schedule (Girls Division)

Elimination Round:

  1. Deutsche International School (DIS) Vs Santa Laurensia
  2. Singapore International School (SIS) Vs Santa Laurensia
  3. Jakarta International School (JIS)  Vs Santa Laurensia
SEMIFINALS & Ranking Games will be done after all round robin matches for the elimination round.



Unfortunately the Santa Laurensia Boys Volleyball Team this year will not participate in this tournament due to conflicts in some of the players schedules, though the team is disappointed they will sure have a go at it next season.

Greenfield Cup Semifinals : 27 April 2013

Saturday, 27 April 2013

  • U10C 8:00 AM St. Laurensia Vs Mentari School Jakarta venue is @  British International School  Bintaro Sektor 9

This is a SEMIFINAL fixture, if our team wins they will go to the FINALS which will be held on the last day of the JSFL sometime in May.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Match Day 12 Coca Cola Cup


Saturday 20 April

  • U12D 8:30 PM St. Laurensia Vs Victory Plus School @  British International School  Bintaro Sektor 9

* A van courtesy of Myles will bring some of the players without transportation to BIS. It should leave the SD Hall by 7:00 am.

  • U14C 7:30 AM St. Laurensia Vs LIF (French Int'l Sch.) @ British International School  Bintaro Sektor 9

* The school bus is available to bring you to BIS, it should leave SD Hall by 6:30.

                    GOOD LUCK TIGERS, GO FIGHT WIN!!!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

U10C Santa Laurensia Vs Jakarta International Korean School (JIKS) & Sinarmas World Academy (SWA)

Santa Laurensia U10C vs JIKS

17 March 2013

Santa Laurensia U10C vs SWA

2 February 2013

Photos courtesy of Ms. Fonny (Mika's Mother)

Santa Laurensia Tigers Sports Round-Up for April 2013


Primary School:
  1. U10C - Finished a strong 3rd in the group for the year and most likely will be promoted to Division B next campaign.
  2. U12D - This team has an important game versus Victory Plus School on 20 April, A win means no. 1 while a draw puts them in no. 2, there no other option but to WIN WIN WIN!
Junior High School:
  • U14C - Will play their last game on Saturday (20 April) winning that game versus the French School (LIF) assures them of 2nd Place, they could have topped their division if not for the draws that abound half of their games.
High School:
  • U16B - Finally playing in the right division, it was a respectable mid-table result for the year, despite having a half strength team during most of their games. Who knows they could have been in the top 3 if they were playing at 100 percent strength in all their fixtures. They will be back next year just wait and see.
  • Girls Division A - Despite not used to playing the full field it was a decent result for the lady tigresses as they settled in the middle of division. Their close games versus experienced teams showed that they can do more than what the results suggest.

  • U10 - This team marches on through the semifinals on 27 April, this team overall is the future of St. Laurensia tigers. Whatever the outcome will be on the 27th we are proud of what this team and these boys have achieved this year. This is the team to watch next year they are destined for bigger things.

SPH CUP Badminton

Juniors Girls Team

            The Girls captured 2nd place in the SPH Cup tournament, despite not having enough tournament experience the team of Lia, Jennifer, Gacy and Grisel (all Grade 8) pulled stunning upsets from highly fancied teams like Bonavita and Gandhi Memorial International School and gave eventual champion SPH LV a scare before conceding victory in the Finals.

High School Boys Team

            These team never really expected to get into the Final round, but they did eventually placing 4th best among 24 school teams. It was quite an achievement for our squad who were without their top grade 12's for this competition.

Jakarta Activities & Athletic Conference (JAAC) Senior High School Badminton

 Seniors Boys Team

              Fresh from a very successful campaign in SPH last March, the High School Boys just recently tried their luck in the JAAC Badminton Tournament and came home to nail 3rd Place Overall for Team competition. They also emerged 1st and 2nd Place respectively in the Singles Ladder Play. Thomas Renaldy was adjudged as the All Star MVP.
  • Thomas Renaldy - 1st Place and MVP All Star
  • Audwin Maslim    - 2nd Place

  1. SPH Cup  Primary Soccer - St. Laurensia Primary Under 8 (27 April)
  2. JAAC Junior HS Volleyball - Boys and Girls Teams (27 April)
  3. STB-ACS Basketball Invitationals - Primary School  Boys & Girls (25 May)  
  4. STB-ACS Basketball Invitationals - Junior High School  Boys (01 June)
  5. STB-ACS Soccer Invitationals - Primary School Team U8, U10 & U12 (01 June)